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Our Programs

Daily Lunch

We provide a nutritious, hearty lunch seven days a week through three program sites around the Richmond community.

Children's Services

  • Clothing and shoes
  • Back to school supplies
  • Book bags/Backpacks
  • Vacation Bible School each summer
  • Gym shorts for children who would fail physical education without them
  • Money for school field trips
  • Rewards for good school reports
  • Mentoring program that follows school attendance, report cards, and homework
  • Easter Bunny brings Easter baskets filled with candy, toothbrushes, toothpaste, crayons and other surprises
  • A Fall Festival with pumpkin carving and Halloween costumes
  • A Christmas Party with a visit from Santa on Christmas Eve where each child sits on Santa's knee for a picture and receives a present

Camp Camille

The umbrella program for our Children's Services is Camp Camille. It is a unique ongoing experience for the children we see through our lunch programs. Children are registered, then mentored. They receive all necessary school supplies along with a book bag. Groceries are provided to their families so there is always plenty of nutritious food at home. Activities planned for the children include trips to: The Science Museum, Putt Putt, Chuck E. Cheese, Busch Gardens, the Children's Museum, bowling, movies, baseball games, swim parties, camping - just to name a few. We feel it is important for these disadvantaged children to not miss out on some important life experiences. Camp Camille provides these experiences in a loving, well chaperoned, and save environment.

Health and Wellness

  • Richmond Friends of the Homeless, in conjunction with Cross-Over Clinic and other volunteers, provides on site health services free of charge to those in need.
  • Volunteers, doctors and nurses are available for health screenings, physicals and consultations.
  • Children's back-to-school shots and individual physicals are available.
  • Nutritional counseling classes and pre-natal consultations are done. Diet, exercise and prevention medicine is discussed.