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About Us


Richmond Friends of the Homeless was begun in 1986 after our founder witnessed a young child eating from a trash can off Jefferson Davis Hwy.  Our first program site was opened in south Richmond and provided a nutritious hot lunch every Monday through Friday.  In 2002, we opened our second site in Jackson Ward/Gilpin Court where lunch is provided Monday through Friday.  In 2008, we opened a third site to provide a Saturday and Sunday meal in south Richmond.  Breakfast and a Book began in 2009, providing a child friendly breakfast and age appropriate book for each child who comes in to they will have something to take home with them for the next morning.  We have earned the trust and respect of those we serve and of the greater Richmond community.  We continue to partner with over 103 local churches, synagogues, businesses, civic groups and schools who are a vital part of our efforts.  We are proud to provide an environment where people who want to make a difference in their community can come and directly impact the lives of those less fortunate around us.

A Message from our Founder

Welcome to Richmond Friends of the Homeless. We have been providing nourishing meals and services to those most in need in our community since 1986. The main thrust of our work is providing our city-wide famous lunch to those who are hungry. Each day we see homeless veterans, the jobless, the mentally ill, forgotten seniors struggling to make it on Social Security, those battling addictions - men, women and CHILDREN of all ages who are living in poverty come to us for assistance. It is our great pleasure to provide this lunch with volunteer efforts from men and women from all walks of life who want to make our community a better place for all of us. Thank you for your interest in our work!

Board of Directors

  • Officers:

    Founder/President – Shawnee Weitzel Hansen
    Chairman – Andy Little
    Vice Chairman – Charlton B. Hadden
    Vice President - Fred Williams
    Treasurer – Rich Chandler
    Secretary – Candy Cecil

  • Directors:

    Bernard Robinson
    Camille Hansen
    Rod Benson
    John Young
    Hunter Marshall
    Kyle Ratliff
    Kathy Hostetler
    Sarah Keeble