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Daily Lunch

A nutritious, hot lunch is served every Monday through Friday at noon.

At Broomfield CME Church we serve between 100 and 150 meals daily.

At Greater Mount Moriah we serve between 200 and 300 meals daily.

At Freddie & Susie's we provide hearty bag lunches on Saturday and Sundays

The volunteers take care to make each meal special, serving such specialties as Chicken Divan, Shepherd's Pie, Lasagna and Crab Tortellini, so that no one feels 'second class.' Traditional holiday fare is served on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

Click here for daily lunch locations.

Children's Services

• Clothing and shoes
• Back to school supplies
• Book bags/Backpacks
• Vacation Bible School each summer
• Gym shorts for children who would fail physical education without them
• Money for school field trips
• Mentoring program that follows school attendance, report cards, and homework
• Rewards for good school reports
• Easter Bunny brings Easter baskets filled with candy, toothbrushes, toothpaste, crayons and other surprises
• A Fall Festival with pumpkin carving and Halloween costumes
• A Christmas Party with a visit from Santa on Christmas Eve where each child sits on Santa's knee for a picture and receives a present

Camp Camille

The umbrella program for our Children's Services is Camp Camille. It is a unique ongoing experience for the children we see through our lunch programs. Children are registered, then mentored. They receive all necessary school supplies along with a book bag. Groceries are provided to their families so there is always plenty of nutritious food at home. Activities planned for the children include trips to: The Science Museum, Putt Putt, Chuck E. Cheese, Busch Gardens, the Children's Museum, bowling, movies, baseball games, swim parties, camping - just to name a few. We feel it is important for these disadvantaged children to not miss out on some important life experiences. Camp Camille provides these experiences in a loving, well chaperoned, and save environment.

Health and Wellness

• Richmond Friends of the Homeless, in conjunction with Cross-Over Clinic and other volunteers, provides on site health services free of charge to those in need.
• Volunteers, doctors and nurses are available for health screenings, physicals and consultations.
• Children's back-to-school shots and individual physicals are available.
• Nutritional counseling classes and pre-natal consultations are done. Diet, exercise and prevention medicine is discussed.

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